Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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A Family is Transformed


God Seemed Far Away

The southern Albanian city of Saranda is a beautiful place—tourists flock to its views of the Ionian Sea. But for Hina, her city held no hope. “We did everything we could to get God’s help, and I tried praying every day. But God seemed to be far from us,” she admits. “One day, some people came to our neighborhood in Albania and stood on the street talking to people about Jesus,” Hina says, “so I went out to hear them. Right away they started talking about a God who loved us and could be trusted.” “This bothered me because I just didn’t know this God,” she confesses. “They saw I didn’t understand and invited me to a church nearby and a Project Philip Bible study for young people.”

God Can Be Trusted

As Hina attended the Project Philip Bible studies, she learned how God could help her and her family, she was shown love by everyone in the church, and she learned to pray to Jesus Christ because He loves her. “I began to pray to Jesus, and that’s when my life and my family started to change. Then,” she says with a bright smile, “I surrendered my life to God.” Seeing the change in her young life, her family started to come to church with her, “and one by one, they trusted Jesus too,” Hina says. “Today I am a leader in the Project Philip Bible studies, and I love to tell people how God changed me and my family. And I’m thankful for all the help from the people who make this possible, because there are still a lot of families like mine here that need God’s Word.”

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The Life God Wants For Me

eNews_1707_story1How Jesus Saves

From his small village in northern Ghana, Jalam is eager to tell his story, “I stopped schooling years ago because we had no money, and I had to work on my family’s little farm. Before we would plant, my family would offer gifts to an idol named Kakpeu—a tree idol that we thought made crops grow and protected our field. We would offer birds and other small animals, and hope we would see no danger.” “It never made much sense,” Jalam now says, “but that’s because I have learned about the true God from the Bible.” In a nearby church, people gather for Project Philip Bible studies, and after dozens of invitations from the pastor, Jalam finally decided to attend. “When I started, I was given a Project Philip Bible study book, and one of the lessons was about Jesus as our sacrifice,” he remembers, “and how God gave us His Son to be our sacrifice, and anyone who believes and follows Jesus will be saved.”

Living a New Life

“This is what I needed to understand,” Jalam says, “I only need Jesus, and I don’t need to make sacrifices. So I stopped the idolatry and I stopped the sacrifices, and I gave my life to Jesus.” How has his life changed? Well, Jalam is happy to say, “I stopped worshipping Kakpeu right away, and instead of spending my money on sacrifices, I use my money to really help my family. And when my mother saw the difference in my life, she wanted to learn about Jesus too.” Today, Jalam leads a regular prayer group devoted to asking God to save others in their village. “I have been sharing my faith with my friends too and by God's grace one of them has given his life to Christ,” he says with a smile, “this is the life God wants for me.”

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A Witchdoctor Finds Jesus

eNews_1706_story2She Heard about Jesus

“I scraped by selling rice cakes, tea, and coffee in the village,” Lally says, “I sold medicines that promised healing also. And when my husband died, I supported my family by becoming a prostitute and had more children. I quit that and went back to witchcraft.” Then, an evangelist walked into Lally’s village, going house-to-house inviting everyone to a Project Philip Bible study. “I was interested for some reason,” she says, “and it was the very first time in my life that I heard about Jesus. So I attended the Bible study each week.” “One of the lessons was about how God is always with us and sees all that we do,” Lally recalls, “and that made me think about my life. I began to hate so much of what I had done. I needed Jesus’ help and I asked Him to save me.”

Today I have God’s Word

“That’s when I began to feel a new joy in my heart,” she says brightly. “And each time I read God’s Word, I learn new things about my life and how I can live today. I’ve given up my witchcraft and I’m growing in my faith because I have a Bible in my language of Malagasy.” When asked if she has more to say, Lally insists on adding a word of gratitude. “Thank you, because I needed this Project Philip Bible study to understand how Jesus could come into my life. Because of Him my life has changed. This is what I tell my children and anyone who wonders why my life is different.” And she adds, “This can change anyone’s life.”